Salves and Wax Product Information

We are excited to announce our new Furniture Salve because it is a one of a kind magical “furniture ointment”.  It is is designed to deodorise, restore, protect, beautify, and rejuvenate furniture and more.  You will appreciate its softer than butter texture for easy application.  Our furniture salve scents are luxurious and contain plenty of benefits to up your furniture restoring and refinishing game (also available in clear unscented for food grade projects and cutting boards).

Check out the multitude of uses and benefits of Furniture Salve:

To BEAUTIFY AND REVIVE, bring out the grain, and protect raw wood.

Makes a wonderful and natural ALTERNATIVE TO FURNITURE POLISH, simply apply over finished or unfinished wood

NATURAL SEALANT -May be used in place of FURNITURE WAX over painted pieces.  It is much softer and easier to apply than wax due to its high hemp seed oil content.

Use to REVIVE SOFTEN AND PROTECT leather (you can even use it to add water-resistance to your boots!)

REMOVES OXIDATION from tarnished metal and hardware.  Simply apply and wipe away years of patina and grime.

NEUTRALISED ODOURS, use inside drawers to seal and protect while removing unwanted smells from the furniture.

WATER RESISTANT- provides protection against water rings and moisture.  It may also be used to remove existing water rings.

Makes an excellent HAND AND NAIL TREATMENT!  Our natural formula is so safe and we know you will adore softening and moisturising your hands while using it!

AROMATHERAPY- enjoy the calming scents while reviving leather, wood, metal and more!

ANTISEPTIC, ANTI-FUNGAL, ANTI-PARASITIC AND BACTERICIDAL PROPERTIES- protects against mildew, mites, parasites, and pathogens and even repels insects!  Who needs mothballs when our Furniture Salve smells like a day at the spa!  We all know some of the best furniture finds come from the roadside, and we don’t always know where they have been!

HEMP SEED OIL FORMULA -Contains all of the scientifically packed powers of this all-natural super oil.  Read more about the benefits of Wise Owl’s Hemp Oil here.

ADDS A SOFT SHEEN AND LUSTER to your projects.  If you love using hemp seed oil alone but wish it had more of a shine, then this product is for you.  It also provides more water protection than hemp seed oil alone.

SUBLIME, SOFT, and STRONG formula that is easy to apply and goes a LONG way!

To Use:

Apply Furniture Salve with a lint-free cloth or natural bristle brush and work into surface, buff well. Apply as needed to revive and protect. May be used over raw wood, finished or stain wood, painted furniture, and even metal to remove tarnish.


furniture wax clear.jpg

Wax- The multitude of colours and wax options we offer can create many different finishes.

The black hemp oil wax is rich, it adds depth of colour and collects in areas of detail to provide additional dimension.

The pearl wax is another gorgeous option adding a white wash look with subtle luminescence from the metallic pearl pigment.


The clear wax is best on whites if the white finish doesn’t warrant antiquing or ageing in any way. It will not change or yellow the colour.

The hemp oil wax is a buttery smooth wax that has easy application and a strong finish. Because our hemp oil wax is a natural hemp oil shade (a rich olive oil colour) it could potentially change the finishes on whites. It is ideal on all other colours and just adds a slight richness to colour. Hemp oil waxes are the strongest waxes because the hemp oil will penetrate through the paint and cure to a strong finish, protecting your piece.

Wax may need to be reapplied depending on use, throughout the years to maintain a lasting finish.

Wax Instructions:

Use wax at room temperature. If your wax is too cold, application will be difficult as the wax is at its ideal workability is at room temp.

You may use a rag to apply wax but the preferred method is using a round natural bristle brush for application. This will make quick work of waxing while creating more uniform coverage. Swirl your natural bristle brush in the wax a few times until you can just barely see the wax on the tips of bristles. A little goes a long way so save your elbow grease and cut out buffing time later.

You may wax in circles or with the grain but work in small sections by applying the wax and buffing off with a lint free cloth. An old t-shirt will do but if you are waxing a piece painted in black, use a dark t-shirt, and use a white t-shirt on whites. This will help eliminate visible lint from showing up in your wax finish. To buff off, wipe the wax off until it no longer feels tacky.

Move on to the next small section and continue until you have waxed all painted areas. The wax will continue to cure to its strongest finish over the period of 2 weeks-30 days depending on environment and relative humidity. You may use your piece while you are waiting for it to cure, just know, it is at it strongest protective quality after the waxes and oils are able to re-harden within the paint. 

You may layer waxes of different shades to create your desired look. Remember, wax is last! Since wax is a barrier product, you will not be able to polyurethane over wax. Should you decide to paint over a waxed finish, lightly sand and clean well to remove wax buildup.