Chalk Paint Product Information and Guidance

Chalk Synthesis Paint

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is Zero VOC and nontoxic. Our acrylic blend mineral paint has amazing coverage superior adhesion to most surfaces!  No sanding or priming is required prior to application for most projects. It adheres to stained, painted, or wood furniture, metal, glass, fabric, and more.

A pint (16oz by volume) covers approximately 80sq ft. You will appreciate its ease of application. Available in many colours that can be used for a number of different paint techniques. Please note that colours will vary depending on your screen settings. Visit one of our retail locations to view our paint swatches and to ensure an accurate colour representation.


The beauty of chalk style paints is eliminating most of the prep work. All painting must include some prep because you must make sure to thoroughly clean your piece to eliminate product buildup. Furniture polish and waxes are barrier products, and those must be removed to ensure proper adhesion of paint.

Clean with a household cleaner than doesn’t include oil. For pieces that just need a quick cleanup, I go the greener route and use vinegar and water to clean.

You may need to sand out any scratches or imperfections but, the paint will smooth out and fill minor scratches. You do not need to sand your piece down to the bare wood or prime. In some cases, laminate furniture may be primed to give a stronger base for adhesion but this is not usually necessary.

Some furniture pieces are prone to bleeding through. This is when the tannins in the wood seep through the porous nature of the paint and may stain or discolour. Mahogany, knotty pine, and more are culprits that could produce staining. In this case, a barrier should be used like shellac. You may use shellac right over any areas that you have experienced discolouration and then paint over once covered with a barrier product.


Shake and stir the paint well. Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is a mineral paint, and as with all mineral paint, they can settle. Reincorporating the minerals will ensure adhesion to your piece.

Dip the tips of the brush only into the paint, do not submerge up to the ferrule to preserve and extend the life of your brush and make cleanup easier. I suggest painting with the grain but you may paint in a cross-hatch pattern to create a unique rustic finish as well. Apply 1 coat and let thoroughly dry before applying a second coat if needed. If you paint over paint that is still drying, it can lift the paint that is in the process of drying. A second coat will be necessary depending on desired finish and which colour you are using. Whites, red, and Black require the most coverage due to the nature of pigments. Plan to use more paint if painting with white.

To sand or not to sand:

Since a sealant must be used with Wise Owl Paints, creating a smoother surface for your desired finish can help make application of finishing products more uniform. Chalk style paints are porous and spending a small amount of time lightly sanding for a buttery smooth surface, make application a breeze. It is a common misconception that all pieces painted in a chalk style paint, are rough and gritty. Lightly sanding will guarantee the smoothest feeling surface while preserving the matte vintage style finish of the paint. Some pieces I choose to keep rough and textured when it is the desired finish. I like to use sandpaper or a sanding block of 250 grit or above. The Paint will sand easily and you will not need to devote much time to sanding, go with the grain or direction you painted in. after sanding, you will need to lightly dust off any paint dust with a lint free cloth. Sanding will lighten the colour of the paint but don’t worry, this is temporary. The richness of the colour will come back once the sealant is applied.

Choosing a finishing product:

Finishing products are rarely a one size fits all product. We have many finishes depending on your desired finish. First, take into consideration how much traffic the piece will have. Wax produces a gorgeous finish, but high traffic areas like a kitchen table or cabinets may need a finish to hold up to more wear and tear.