About Us

Where it all began...

Me: ’I’ve just bought some more paint. I really NEED to paint the hallway stairs….and the kitchen tiles…….and the dining chairs…….’.  

Husband: <rolls eyes>

Husband: ’What’s that new armchair doing in the dining room?’. 

Me: ‘Oh, I just picked it up at a brocante to reupholster’. 

Husband: ‘What about the other two that are in the dining room, the one in the living room and the two in the garage? Shouldn’t you do those first?’. 

Me: 'Hmmm….’

A snippet of the regular conversations in Lesley and I’s households, and one of the reasons behind the creation of Velvet Pear Vintage. We now have a valid excuse to buy paint and visit brocantes!!

Thank you for visiting Velvet Pear Vintage and welcome!  It seemed appropriate for us to introduce ourselves to you, and give you a little more information about our business.  As you will know from the ‘About Us’ page (assuming you’ve read it that is!) we are Lesley and Fiona, two Scots that have somehow ended up living in the French Pyrénées. 

Lesley moved to the area in 2004 with her husband after having spent the previous years living and working as a chef across Europe, including Germany and Holland. Since living here Lesley has had two beautiful children and renovated her house with its incredible views. 

I arrived with my husband in 2017.  After spending several years working in the property industry in London and Manchester I was very much ready for a change of pace and lifestyle. Two children later and we are still thoroughly enjoying our new way of life. 

Lesley and I met through mutual friends and it wasn’t long before we discovered that we both had a love of art, interiors, design….and picking up a paint brush! We spend an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest and in brocantes and it was inevitable that we would end up turning it into some kind of business, much to the relief of our husbands. 

We are incredibly excited to be able to expand our business by being stockists of Wise Owl Paint. One of the best regarded chalk paints in the business which already has a huge following across the pond, and is starting to make its mark in Europe now too. We are also very fortunate to be able to sell the very well known and well regarded Cling-On brushes. An essential for any chalk paint project!

We need an outlet for our obsessive brocante buys too, so you will be seeing lots of painted and reloved furniture on here. We have several amazing brocantes on our doorstep and the quality of furniture is really astounding. There is never any shortage of items to add to our wish-list! We hope to be able to share some videos and demos with you to help give you some ideas, and show you the magical power of paint! The blog will also give us the opportunity to share projects with you as well as any hints and tips we think you might find useful. 

In the near future we hope to be able to expand Vintage Pear even further with decorative paint accessories like stencils and moulding, as well as our own fabric range. Watch this space!

But for now we best get back to the brocante and pick our next project………

Thanks for reading and we hope you like the site as much as we do. xx